Text Annotations: The lover being made thrall by love…

“I’ve learn to have freedom
By giving up what I want the most
When I first fell in love
The hurt that developed in my chest
I regret that I laid my eyes
So now I must take them off
This is just  feelings that I have on Earth
But in Heaven, there is no pain
If it’s for me,  I’ll still be confuse
To wonder how great it will be
When it comes to love, I still feel disgusted
But it made me powerful with the false witness ( not as it seem
Being so unlucky
I do not want speak of this again
Because I am too embarrassed”

In this poem, the poet is hurt.  He was in love once and that made him realize that he doesn’t want to love again.  He feels that this is just a temporary feeling and when he dies he will not feel this feeling again.  He will heal happily in Heaven.  He does not want to speak of being in love because he is too ashamed  of it and feels embarrassed to be so unlucky.  He also said that he regrets even falling for the girl and he has to now force himself to take his eyes off of her.

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