Of The Same REMIX

In the poem “Of the Same”, the poet and his lover both feels hurt. Rihanna and Ne-Yo’s song “Hate That I Love You” does a amazing job at illustrating the theme of the poem. Rihanna and Ne-Yo explains that they are both hurt by each other and they can not face each other. Ne-Yo and the poet both admit that their hearts are in fear and they will hurt their lovers.

The lover suspected blamath yll tonges REMIX


In this song the hip hop artist , Kayne West, expresses himself as he state that he wants to be free. I chose this music video to represent the poem “The lover suspected blamath yll tonges” because Kayne express his feelings as the media and press are talking about him. In the song he explains how different people are talking about him and what they are saying. For example he says ” I miss the old Kayne. I use to love Kayne”, this all represent rumors same as the poem. Also, the poet state that when he dies and go to heaven, the gossiping will stop and in Kayne’s video he have angles all around him as he stands n the middle and feels empowered.

The lover being made thrall by love REMIX

This song remind me of the poem “The lover being made thrall by love,  perciveth how great a losses is libertye”.  In the movie Diary of a Mad black women the main character gave up on love and just like the poet she feels that this is a temporally and in heaven she will be happy.  Her husband embarrassed and abused her in front of her family and she felt hopeless.

Oxford English Dictionary

Tottel’s Miscellany is a book of English poetry written by many famous poets.  These poems are written in the old English context which is difficult for readers today to understand.  With help from the Oxford English Dictionary,  I was able to read these poems and translate the worlds I was unable to understand.  As I read each line on the poems, I stopped and thought about my own interpretation of each line.  If there was a word I did not understand I googled searched it and then I realized that I might not get the correct definition based on the poem because the poem is written in modern English.  Oxford English helped me because it gave me the correct definition according to the poems settings.  For example,  in “Of The Same”  one of the word that confused me was “sowed”.  According to google it mea scattering seeds but in this poem and the time period it means sew.   I also read the back of the book where it gave a little description of the poem and read the OED in order to get a better sense of the poems.

Text Annotations: Of The Same

“Have you ever heard something so harsh?
My soul remembers her.
Something caused her to be more closed.
As she sit and sue each piece
It startle my heart and gave me more pain
and she thinks it’s over
And she knows my heart is in fear
She end up hurting herself”

After reading “Of the same”, I think both the poet and person in the poem  are both sharing a mutual feeling.   They are both hurt.  He is admiring her from afar.  He is watching her and he see hurt in her face as she sits and sews.  It hurts him to see her sad and he feels that she is hurting herself by thinking about him.

Text Annotations: The lover being made thrall by love…

“I’ve learn to have freedom
By giving up what I want the most
When I first fell in love
The hurt that developed in my chest
I regret that I laid my eyes
So now I must take them off
This is just  feelings that I have on Earth
But in Heaven, there is no pain
If it’s for me,  I’ll still be confuse
To wonder how great it will be
When it comes to love, I still feel disgusted
But it made me powerful with the false witness ( not as it seem
Being so unlucky
I do not want speak of this again
Because I am too embarrassed”

In this poem, the poet is hurt.  He was in love once and that made him realize that he doesn’t want to love again.  He feels that this is just a temporary feeling and when he dies he will not feel this feeling again.  He will heal happily in Heaven.  He does not want to speak of being in love because he is too ashamed  of it and feels embarrassed to be so unlucky.  He also said that he regrets even falling for the girl and he has to now force himself to take his eyes off of her.

Text Annotations: The lover suspected blamath yll tonges

” Stressed out and my mind is wandering
To say that I am guilty
I will prove my loyalty
Which time will tell
News is spreading
Crimes I am accused of
In the long run,  I am not doubting it
The truth will set me free
They gave the news
But it was not sweet news to me
The got what they deserved
God will made them stop talking”

The poet is trying to prove his innocence.  There are people gossiping about him but he is trying to keep his sane.  He says that God will make them stop talking and that means he will wait for the rumors to go away on its own.  He says that the truth will set him free and he know that he is innocent despite of what people think.