Oxford English Dictionary

Tottel’s Miscellany is a book of English poetry written by many famous poets.  These poems are written in the old English context which is difficult for readers today to understand.  With help from the Oxford English Dictionary,  I was able to read these poems and translate the worlds I was unable to understand.  As I read each line on the poems, I stopped and thought about my own interpretation of each line.  If there was a word I did not understand I googled searched it and then I realized that I might not get the correct definition based on the poem because the poem is written in modern English.  Oxford English helped me because it gave me the correct definition according to the poems settings.  For example,  in “Of The Same”  one of the word that confused me was “sowed”.  According to google it mea scattering seeds but in this poem and the time period it means sew.   I also read the back of the book where it gave a little description of the poem and read the OED in order to get a better sense of the poems.

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